Our Team

Our team is committed towards practices that promote energy generation and distribution through sustainable processes.
How We Work

Meet our team

Our team brings on board specialized skills and vast experience in the energy sector in various disciplines including engineering, business development, marketing, and commodity trading.

Our philosophy

Because the opportunity cost of inaction is immeasurable and remains known, we chose to go with the known; that is to act now and seize the chance to excite our customers and stakeholders.

Our goals

To explore unchartered waters, seeking new opportunities that wind through the business environments and bringing them together to deliver business advantages.


Develop sustainable energy solutions that meet customers demand without putting them in danger of depletion. We protect local environments and ecosystems in collaboration with NEMA, Energy Regulatory Authority, Kenya Bureau of Standards, Kenya Revenue Authority amongst others.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Actively participate in efforts that improve the quality of lifestyles of the communities within which we are operating. Our CSR program supports education in the energy sector through mentorships, lectures and partnerships with relevant institutions of education to develop the curricula.


We are committed to inspiring change in the industry. To this end, we will be actively involved in educating our customers through seminars and Business to Business meetings to ensure that they are always updated on the industry trends and products.

Regional Expansion

Expand our regional footprint through opening up of retails stations and distribution networks.


Done through sustained investment in Research and Development to develop products that respond to evolving customer requirements.