“We believe there are infinite possibilities in sustainably meeting our customers and stakeholders needs.”
About Eon Energy

Who we are

Eon Energy formerly operating provides end to end solutions for clients within the energy sector.

Established in 2017, as Sabili Energy Ltd, with headquarters in Nairobi Kenya, our focus on the customer is the basis of our business model, which hinges on long term collaboration with clients and suppliers in seeking dynamic solutions to evolving needs in a cost-effective and sustainable manner.

The energy sector within Kenya and indeed the region is vibrant and fast-moving. This can be attributed to a client pool that is more demanding of quality products and excellent service. Unfortunately, the sector has had its share of challenges including the proliferation of substandard products into the market-leading to negative market perception. Eon energy has dedicated itself to finding the best in terms of quality of products as well as the level of service delivery to satisfy clients. Our youthful team brings on board specialized skills and vast experience in the energy sector in various disciplines including engineering, business development, marketing, and commodity trading.


The latest advances in technology and evolution of societal needs are quickly moving focus from petroleum oil, which has been the primary source of energy driving the world’s socio-politics, to more novel, cleaner and sustainable energy sources, while at the same time putting pressure on current production and distribution systems to be more sustainable. It is in our mission at EON to be players in this innovative phase in the energy sector in the region.

As a company, we are committed to practices that promote energy generation and distribution through sustainable processes. That is why we focus our investments on Research and Development to ensure we are at the forefront of innovation and compliance with the necessary industry requirements and best practices. We support and indeed pledge our continued commitment on all the initiatives that are being undertaken to reduce the carbon footprint and we will work closely with the relevant authorities to ensure that our activities are aligned to these initiatives.

What We Value

Our purpose

To inspire change within the energy sector by understanding and focusing on the customer’s needs and providing innovative sustainable products while sticking to our core values.

Our Mission
To deliver service beyond the limits through delivery of quality innovative products and service excellence that exceeds customer expectations.
Our Vision
To be the region’s most trusted energy solutions provider.
How We Work

Our core values

Integrity – all our actions are governed by utmost honesty and morality.
Customer first

We put our customers needs and requirements ahead of everything we do.

We are at the forefront of creativity and invention in coming up with new products and services.

We are committed to complying with all Health, Safety and Environmental regulations that govern the industry.