Our Services

Our customers remain our main focus and we ensure satisfaction, improved knowledge and protection for them through all our business operations.

Our Scope

Eon Energy is headquartered in Nairobi Kenya with countrywide operations in supply of energy products and services. We are looking into expanding our regional footprint to cover East and Central Africa in the medium term.


We undertake the marketing and distribution of energy utility products including gasoline, kerosene, jet fuel, fuel oils, liquefied petroleum gas, bitumen, lubricant oils, greases and solar energy appliances.

Our services

Through our consulting arm Sabili Technologies, we provide consultancy services in energy projects including:

Product development

This includes conceptualization, design, development and marketing of new goods and services.

Facility designs and selection

Creation of facilities that respond to identified needs.

Operational practices

Advising on best practices that ensure the safety of processes, customers and employees.